Fireworks celebration

Fireworks celebration


Homeless Vet

Happy Veteran’s Day 2014.

America has a formidable military presence since her founding, but it is because of wars and battles that we waged that we honor our military veterans.  Each veteran had their reasons for becoming  part of the time-honored tradition to serve their country for a time or their whole life.  Many veterans have sacrificed life, health and limbs in service to their country.  It is more than fitting and the right thing to do to honor our veterans.  Please fly your American flag proudly and thank a veteran today!

In honor of Veteran’s Day here are some other ways Americans are showing their gratitude:

Sun Sentinel compiles a list of places that offer free services for veterans and their families:

Veterans who are disabled or paralyzed are especially worthy of our help and support:

It is estimated that 1.5 million men and women will transition out of the armed forces over the next five years (information from businessweek ad section: “Heroes for Hire” November 10, 2014 – January 6, 2015) – check out:

Many vets end up homeless for a variety of reasons please help them with a hand-up today and every day.  See our previous blog entry:

As we recently became aware we are adding a very good job hunting reference which gets updated every year [the Best-selling job-hunting book in the world]: or is giving you free access to veteran records:

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