Take 1-4-U’s  mission uses a three-pronged approach to breaking the poverty cycle.  “Food, income & housing” rehabilitation programs to help build “Their Bridge from Homeless to Homeowner”.  Our Bridge Homes are a place to level the field & to start new by: 1. Accepting new challenges for the food they eat (they are what they eat); 2. Build new job skills to create income and 3. Acquire new responsibilities to rebuild their homestead here in Pinellas County, Florida. Still need more information? go to: info@takeone4u.org  Think you are a candidate or know someone? Please apply first to 211 Tampabay Cares (211tampabay.org or T: (727) 442-7926).  If you need shelter in your area please check this website: http://www.homelessshelterdirectory.org/

We cannot take any applications right now (effective 5/20/15).  Remember we are a long-term transitional housing program with the goal to help you become a Pinellas County homeowner; we are NOT a shelter.  Once we start taking applications again, the process may take up to a month! Please don’t give up on yourself during this wait time, be pro-active to start taking steps to stabilize your life for regular food, income & housing.  This contributes to your experience/skills on your “resume” & improves your homeowner’s application with us.

Then Let’s Cross the Bridge Together.

God Bless You.

Bridge Homes Application Form
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